Sleeves for Easy Fold Gift Trays

Christmas sleeves available in packs of 10 in 3 sizes, designed to fit our gift hamper trays. They are made from quality printed card and have a clear window. A great way to professionally wrap your gift hampers. Space saving, top quality and cost effective gift packaging.

Christmas design cardboard sleeves for gift trays are decorative coverings that add a festive touch to gift trays during the holiday season. Here's what you should know about them:

Design: These cardboard sleeves are designed with various Christmas-themed patterns and illustrations to evoke the spirit of the holiday. Designs include Merry Christmas, Christmas Characters, Christmas Tree and Santa Sleigh with Reindeers. The sleeves feature traditional colours such as red, green, white, and gold to create a festive atmosphere.

Material: Christmas design cardboard sleeves are typically made from sturdy cardboard or paperboard materials to provide durability and stability. The thickness of the cardboard ensures that the sleeves maintain their shape and provide adequate support for the gift trays.

Size Compatibility: The sleeves are designed to fit snugly around standard-sized gift trays, ensuring a secure and seamless fit. They are available in various sizes to accommodate different tray dimensions, allowing for versatility in packaging various types of gifts.

Ease of Use: Christmas design cardboard sleeves are easy to use and assemble, featuring pre-scored fold lines for convenient folding and assembly. They can be quickly slid onto the gift tray and secured in place without the need for additional tools or adhesives.

Enhanced Presentation: The decorative sleeves add an extra layer of visual appeal to the gift trays, enhancing the overall presentation and making them stand out during the holiday season. The festive designs create a joyful and celebratory atmosphere, perfect for gift-giving occasions.

Availability: You can choose from a wide range of designs and styles to suit your preferences and match the theme of your gifts.

Overall, Christmas design cardboard sleeves for gift trays provide a simple yet effective way to add festive flair to your holiday gift packaging, allowing you to create memorable and delightful presents for your loved ones or customers.