Selling Gift Baskets

We're often asked for advice. Here are some of the most frequent questions:
"What are the benefits of making and selling filled Gift Baskets and Hampers?"

We all love to give or receive something we feel is indulgent and deserved. It gives us the most immense pleasure and satisfaction and an instant fantastic ‘feel-good’ feeling.

By offering carefully selected products from your ranges, you can create premium gifts with high perceived value, introduce new ranges to your clients and offer the convenience of creating a bespoke and personalised gift for the recipient.

"How can we make the most money from them?

Perceived value is extremely important. This doesn’t mean you are selling your gift hampers cheaply, but offering what the customer perceives as excellent value for money. By using quality packaging and baskets to display your unique products you will give the high perceived value your customer is looking for. They may be looking to spend quite generously, but still want value – not necessarily cheapness. Quality goods always stand the test of time and it can be a wasted opportunity to use sub-standard packing materials. With a little creativity you can build hugely on your clients’ perceived value with minimum outlay, giving you the perfect opportunity to introduce new customers to some of your finest ranges and in turn further maximise sales, increase revenue and strengthen your brand.

"Who are the people who generally buy Gift Baskets and Hampers?"

There is a huge market for corporate gifting. Clients will often purchase for various different reasons, some of which include staff appreciation, customer gifts, new business gifts and even sales target prizes. For corporate customers it is important that you address their needs, solve their problems, convey their image and service their gift recipients in a way that does their company justice.

There are many, many other different buyers for whom a gift hamper is the ideal present from personal gifts to and from family and friends to appreciation gifts for a special ‘Thank-You’ such as teachers, neighbours for feeding the cat whilst you were away, someone who gave help when needed etc.

"What advice would you give if we're thinking of providing Gift Baskets and Hampers?"

By offering uniqueness you will be able to create something much more special than a standard basket. Targeting your desired audience with regional gifts, gourmet specialties and seasonal traditional favourites is always a hit.

You have a golden opportunity to toot your company’s horn to create the perception that they are in the capable hands of an outstanding organization that will competently exceed their expectations. 

However, value will be the determining factor that persuades a prospective customer to purchase your products and/or services, especially in a competitive market. Reasons and motivations will vary with each sale and identifying these will help you address their priorities.  Basically by providing some of your high profit margin lines in a basket or hamper and a simple decoration and a beautiful bow you can achieve this.

What sells in the corporate market depends completely on individual tastes. But how to sell to the corporate market is constant across the board. It all comes down to understanding etiquette, having a depth of knowledge regarding merchandise availability, design, style, presentation and price. What’s most important in successful sales to the corporate market? Listening to your client and giving them what they want.