Wicker Baskets & Hampers

Baskets have been around for centuries. In fact, Moses was even found in one! A natural resource, wicker is easy to manipulate and weave into an almost unlimited number of shapes and sizes, for an abundant amount of uses.
The wicker (or willow) we select for our wicker baskets, comes from the Shangdong Province of China, where is has been grown traditionally for generations. Harvested at its prime in autumn, our weavers select the best to create our wonderful, strong lidded hampers, wicker trays, teacups, shopping baskets, storage and utility baskets. Its versatility allows us to paint, stain or varnish them, creating a wide variety of options to suit your products and taste.
Throughout our ranges we like to offer you as many choices as we can, based on popularity, aesthetics and positive feedback from our customers. These include:
  • Wicker Hampers with lids - the cornerstone of many gift hamper businesses, are wicker hampers. Solid, rectangular baskets with a strong lid and leather-look closures are available in 3 size - 12, 14 and 18 inch. In addition to our beautiful dark Vintage Brown and Natural optional, we also offer them with a choice of quality cotton linings for an extra special finish.​
  • Wicker Shopping Baskets with handles - very versatile and widely used for shopping baskets in farm shops as they easily stack and have stands to fit if required. They are also ideal for gifts, filled with food and drink, and wrapped for any occasion. We offer two sizes, both in dark Vintage Brown and Natural wicker either with or without a beautifully woven plaited top edge. Our white baskets come with a pink, blue or cream lining and are very popular to fill with baby keepsakes, toys and new baby clothing.
  • Round, oval and rectangular fruit and gifts baskets - there are lots of options of our inexpensive smaller baskets, including ovals in 2 sizes, round and oval with side ear handles and open-weave designs. Although these are our cheapest wicker baskets, with prices starting under £1.50, we still use full wicker and don't cut corners with weaker split willow as some competitors do. There are 2 colour options, giving you the choice of Steamed wicker (warm brown) and Natural.
  • Shallow Packing Trays - this style of basket is perfect when you want to display your items all on the same level, such as bottles. Easy to pack and wrap, yet still offering great protection. There are two types of shallow tray - the first is a full weave using Steamed (warm brown) wicker, which is available in five sizes from 20cm (A5) to 48cm (A3 approx), and the second is our six sizes of Openweave tray. These, like their description, have been woven using natural wicker with an 'open' pattern, making them lighter and cheaper than the steamed ones. We find our customers particularly like these to fill with fruit.
  • Wicker Teacups - our stunning Teacups are made with Steamed (warm brown) wicker and are perfect for speciality tea and coffee hampers. Each basket is created with an integrated handle and saucer. There are 3 sizes to suit your budget and contents - 20cm, 30cm and 40cm diameter - and make for a very unique, collectable keepsake which can be used for storage or display.
  • Rectangular Lined Wicker Storage - a new baby is always an exciting time and well-wishers are always keen to give wonderful gifts. Filled with baby grows, toys, teddies, nappies and welcome treats for the new mum, our White and Natural storage baskets are very happily received. There are four sizes to suit each pocket and come with an optional pink, blue or cream lining.
All of our baskets are sourced directly from our manufacturers in the Far East, whom we visit regularly. We work closely with them to keep the consistency and quality you require year after year. We hold high stocks to ensure that you can order what you need, when you need it and have it delivered within a day or two.
If you'd like something more tailored to your own requirements, we can offer a bespoke service. We already make and supply customer specific hampers with personalised cotton linings and fixtures, puppet baskets especially designed for a magician and bespoke baby baskets for an up-market baby gift basket company, to name just a few. Just get in touch at salesdesk@candigifts.co.uk to discuss further.